What is Olympic Style Boxing?

  • Aggressive, fast and very skilled.
  • A computer scoring system which has separated amateur and professional boxing. Creating a new sport with a different focus and training system enhancing the need for boxers to develop more speed and agility.
  • Recognised today as the ultimate all-over body workout.

Do I have to know how to box?

  • No, at Ringside the focus is your fitness - not competition.
  • The Ringside session is non-contact, we work in a safe and healthy environment and we understand what our clients require.
  • Client safety and comfort is paramount and the first consideration to all our members.

Can I learn how to box?

  • If you are able to follow instructions and you are patient you can be taught the basic elements.
  • There is an additional charge for one-on-one coaching and this charge will vary between trainers.
  • Ringside will only allow competent trainers to work with clients inside their facilities.

Do I need my own gloves?

  • No! At Ringside we are fully equipped so the only thing you need to bring is the punch!

Do I need to be fit to try boxing?

  • No, boxing is a safe and healthy fitness solution for every fitness level – from a couch potato to a professional athlete!