As Ringside Gym has a boxing theme it is only appropriate BOX FIT is our signature fitness class.

And no, you don’t have to be boxing fit to come to Ringside! We take all fitness levels!

pro fit classess hamilton

A workout and conditioning treatment for the heart, overall body strength, weight loss and general fitness for any age and skill level.

NO BOX with a but…

Balance your cardio fitness and improve your strength with a full range of high quality free-weight and machine equipment available.

Here’s the “but”... power and strength combined with boxing training is the formula we guarantee to set you on a path to feeling in charge of your life!



Here’s what Sione Lauaki says about Ringside:

"I usually join in the Box fit classes. Most of the boys use Ringside at some time. I enjoy
the training, you see all sorts of different people training for different reasons, and it’s hard but fun."