faq's gym boxing

Why cross train?

  • Cross training is about targeting other areas of the body and different energy systems you may not be with your own training.
  • It is important to find a balance to avoid injuries and by tapping into other training methods you can include areas of the body you may be neglecting.
  • Other advantages of cross training is a simple change of environment, which will often shock the body into responding and help the athlete gain a physical and mental improvement they are finding hard to get with the ever changing specifics of their own sport.

How important is nutrition to training?

  • You require fuel to work and to train.
  • Often the nutritionist will talk about an 80% correct to 20% relaxed attitude to food, this percentage is based partly on the body's ability to cope with poor food choices.
  • Good food choices are readily available, research in the field of sport science on content and portions is vast. 
  • Optimal nutrition will in many cases be the difference between a good athlete and a great one.