Health and Fitness Gym

We welcome you to the health and fitness gym which boasts top-of-the-line equipment, is scrupulously clean and has a great friendly vibe.

The gym complements the boxing side of Ringside, where we offer the most energized and rewarding health & fitness sessions directed and co-ordinated by coaches, boxers and boxing referee.

Complement your training with the free weight and machine equipment to improve your overall body strength. 

Our gym is open for all body and fitness types, you don't have to be a championship boxer to take advantage of our facilities.

One thing you'll notice is how clean our equipment is, we keep everything meticulous, ready for you to get your fitness on!


craig west

Here’s what Craig West says about Ringside:

"I love hard training but one of the best things about this gym is you can modify the workout to your level, you can kill yourself or just have a medium to moderate workout, not everyone is an athlete but they all work together."